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Welcome to MİNGA

MİNGA Corporation is a full-service search marketing agency that specializes in driving sales to affiliate programs.


Since our inception, we’ve always been on the cutting edge of organic search engine optimization for Google and Yahoo


Discover new opportunities for your search campaigns with our programmatic access to Google Adwords API


Our exclusive platform let’s your automate and schedule your social media tasks and grow your brand’s engagement


Gain instant popularity of your brand by using our techniques that have proven results in stimulating images and videos going viral



By working on a performance basis, we have the incentive to optimize and test every angle until we perfect the traffic to your products. Never again worry about overspending ad budgets, with MİNGA you pay a flat rate per sale/lead based on our performance.
Located in the heart of Kitchener’s technology park, we are directly adjacent to Google Canada’s Engineering Headquarters (we even share bathrooms with their staff).

Our Services

All of our products and services are designed and built by MİNGA Corporation, we do not buy or resell from third parties.

Content Writing

At the heart of all SEO, we develop, publish and write our own content using WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger and even our own publishing platform

Link Building

We use a proven method of building backlinks that is both relevant and easily shareable which lends itself to growing organic backlinks naturally over time

Local SEO

Designed for precise traffic generation by location, we use a custom mapping system to target hits from specific cities right down to precise GPS coordinates

Mobile Platform

All our client sites are built to be responsive for tablets, mobiles, laptops and full screen users to account for traffic coming from all possible platforms

Social Media

We have licensed API access with Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, WordPress and many more platforms that allow us to programmatically schedule and access your social media accounts

Indirect SEO

We can improve your online presence for third party sites that you have an interest in but may not control such as Google Play/Apple Store pages, Youtube videos or download sites

Data Mining

Our relationship with Google allows us to directly analyze their data feeds where we can we can find new keywords, discover search trends and get exact search volumes in any city, state or country

Precise Reports

With over 2000 dedicated IP addresses across North America, Europe and Australia, we can provide detailed search results of how your sites are ranking in various locations and across multiple devices


Blog Post


Social Engagements



Our Methodology

How to Work With Us

Our Approach

  • The building cycle typically takes three months from inception to reach critical mass.
  • We typically build our own network of websites and funnel leads/sales to our clients.
  • We frequently perform split testing and optimization until we perfect the sales pitch.
  • We use organic search, paid search, media buys and leverage social media to drive traffic to your products.


If you’re interested in having us promote your products on an affiliate or performance basis, please review our client requirement guidelines:

Requirement One: Top Tier Rates

In order to be competitive, we absolutely need a top payout (relative to the market you are in). For example, if the industry average is $12 per lead for products in your niche, we would expect at least $15 in order to adequately compete against market leaders who already have an established market share.
Please also be considerate of the fact that we will be working on establishing traffic for your websites at our cost including programming, setup, research and marketing expenses. Without a top tier payout, we simply will not take the risk.

Requirement Two: Quality Content

In order to provide a value added service, we require high-quality articles, photos, videos of your products/services that we can use to describe your brands on social media, blogs and throughout the internet.

Requirement Three: Custom Landing Pages

We will pre-qualify clients on our own landing pages and require the ability to send prospective leads directly to your registration/sales page

Requirement Four: Campaign Tracking

We require the ability to track individual campaigns (a text string associated to each lead/sale). Without being able to postback essential sales data, we cannot properly optimize your campaigns.

Requirement Five: Geographical Restrictions

Your products/services should have a reasonably large target audience (ie: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, etc.). We will consider smaller geographical locations, but please understand that any traffic we do generate that you cannot transact needs to be redirected to an alternate advertiser.

MİNGA Corporatıon